Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Recipe Picture Book for Kid Chefs

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Recipe Overview

The Game Plan

How Long it Will Take with Kid Chefs

  • 60 minutes (30 minutes active, plus 30 minutes in oven)

Recipe Yield

  • Makes 20 cookies

Suggested Serving Size

  • 1 cookie per person

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Grocery List

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Tools Needed

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Grown-Up Tips

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Grown-up Pro Tips

  • These cookies end up crispy, if you’re expecting soft oatmeal cookies you’ll be surprised by the texture!

  • These cookies keep longer than typical cookies. We’ve been able to store them in an airtight container for up to a week.

This recipe is dietician approved!

Struggling with how to handle desserts in your home? Instead of giving them as a reward for good behavior or eating their vegetables, consider offering items like cookies as part of an afternoon snack with a glass of milk. They won’t compete with dinner this way and can make for a more balanced snack option when made with healthier ingredients and given alongside milk.
— Ashley Smith, RD
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Videos for Kiddos

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Dietary Needs and Substitutions

Recipe as Written

* Dairy-Free, Vegan: If chocolate is dairy free. Not all dark chocolate is dairy free, so be sure to read labels.

** Wheat-free, Gluten-free: If oats are marked “Gluten-Free”

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