Wonderful Whole Wheat Waffles

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Recipe Picture Book for Kid Chefs

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Recipe Overview

The Game Plan

How Long it Will Take with Kid Chefs

  • 40 minutes

Recipe Yield

  • Makes 10 square waffles or 4 large Belgian-style waffles

  • Serves 4-6

Suggested Serving Size

  • Little Kids (age 3 and under): 1 square waffle or ¼ a Belgian-style waffle, with 1 cup fruit and ¼ cup ricotta

  • Bigger Kids (age 4-14): 2 square waffles, or ½ a Belgian-style waffle, with 1 cup fruit and ¼ cup ricotta

  • Adults (age 15+): 3-4 square waffles or 1 large Belgian-style waffle, with 1 cup fruit and ¼ cup ricotta

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Grocery List

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Ingredient notes

  • What kind of milk should we use?

  • What does “neutral oil” mean?

    • It means an oil that has a neutral taste (as opposed to olive oil, which has a distinct taste).

    • Canola oil is the most well-known type of neutral oil. We recommend avocado oil or sunflower oil instead, because they have more health benefits, but canola oil is fine to use if you prefer.

    • Coconut oil is another option, but be aware that some brands taste more coconut-y than others. You also have to microwave it before using (to melt it into a liquid state).

  • Where’s the syrup?

    • Try topping the waffles with our “fancy” toppings (ricotta and fruit). If you are missing the syrup, go ahead and add some 100% pure maple syrup or honey.

  • Gluten or wheat free?

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Tools Needed

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Grown-Up Tips

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Grown-up Pro Tips

  • We like serving these with ricotta on top for some protein to balance out the carbs. It will help keep you fuller for longer (and it’s tasty!) If that’s not your family’s cup of tea, we suggest whipped cream or Greek yogurt as an alternative.

  • Check your waffle iron’s manual to find out the suggested batter amount and cook time for each waffle (Google to find the manual if you don’t have yours any longer!).


Waffles and pancakes can be made more wholesome by switching up the toppings. This recipe suggests one topping alternative, but here are a few more easy suggestions:
• Offer fruit for naturally sweet flavors
• Use whipped cream. It has way more added fat than it does added sugar, which is perfect for
little growing brains and bodies
• Let it snow! Shake a small amount of powdered sugar through a fine sieve strainer and watch how far a little goes!
— Ashley Smith, RD
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Videos for Kiddos

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Dietary Needs and Substitutions

Recipe as Written

Recipe Can be Made

  • To make dairy free:

    • Use 1 ¾ cups nut or soy milk instead of cow milk.

    • Skip ricotta topping

  • To make egg free:

    • Mix 2 Tablespoons flax seed meal and 6 Tablespoons water, let sit for 5 minutes. Use in place of eggs.

  • To make vegan:

    • Follow dairy-free and egg-free suggestions, plus use 1 Tablespoon agave syrup or natural maple syrup instead of honey.

  • To make wheat/gluten free:

    • Use 1 ½ cups gluten-free flour (we like Cup4Cup)

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